Living The Layers

I use Photoshop (PS) quite a bit and similar graphics programs in the past. I thoroughly enjoy it. What makes PS-type programs so powerful is the concept and use of “Layers”.

Layers, blended together, or “merged” are then saved as a static picture, (or an animation). Much of television or movies use powerful editing programs using the exact same concept, enabling the blending of disparate video, text, sound, etc, into the finished product we then enjoy.

This morning, it struck me that our “human consciousness”, our second-to-second existence, is built up of many such layers, in a similar way as PS.

The human mind is very powerful, combined with (at least) 5 senses, all taking in data which is then “filtered” through millions of synapses, resulting in a composite, which we experience as a unique consciousness, (ourselves), at a unique place and time.  Even our very sense of who we are, what’s currently happening, (some normally unconscious behavior, such as instincts, perhaps, needed for survival, such as the startle response, or determining a fight or flight response).

It’s the experience of time passing, our memories forming; it’s how we make sense of the billions of bits and possibilities our senses are delivering each nanosecond.

We are so used to life delivering this torrent of filtered data into such a composite, that we forget (most of the time), that this composite is NOT “True Reality”, (whatever that is), but is built up layer upon layer, blended in “real time”, filtered, then saved as the ego, (the me, in my case, The Dobe Lama).

Forgetting has consequences, of course, such as dismissing that part of the composite we think of as ourselves, is actually part of other human consciousnesses, that is, that some of the filter layers which help deliver the final composite is formed by other consciousnesses, other minds. Thus we forget we are all connected.

As well, we are connected to Mother Earth. Some (most?) of our layers and filters are formed through interaction with Nature. Yet much of the time, we wander about, forgetting how much of our existence is dependent on ecosystems developed and maintained over millions of years.

The difficult part, of course, is to understand how our nanosecond-by-nanosecond existence is currently being formed and how to consciously modify some of those filter layers.

If we can modify some of the layers, we can consciously change ourselves, through a process called metaprograming, which is allowing a program, (in this analogy, the human mind), to reprogram itself, based upon some feedback loop. In the idiom, you’ve heard of it referred to as, “Create Your Own Reality!”

A critical tool for the inquiring mind, yes?

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