Hippie High Holiday

Every Hippie knows that every year, April 20th, (Today!), marks the pinnacle of all High Holidaze for Hippies everywhere!

I'm not going into the history of 420, or fourtwenty, or 4/20, but rather, give thanks, once again, that our Society has recognized cannabis consumption is and should be user's choice (of a responsible adult) to partake or not.

We as humans have an ancient history with this enlightening and healthful plant, and I celebrate it's widespread use. (As well, humans have interacted with nicotine and alcohol, for thousands of years, but there is not a single documented overdose or death attributed to marijuana, but millions have died from these other poisons.)

I'll close with a brief inventory of the excellent brands of pot which I have purchased legally here in Eugene, OR. They are all over 20% THC, and (compared with past years, and especially during black market days), are available for $30-$100 per ounce at innumerable storefronts around the city.

  • Blue Magoo
  • Super Skunk
  • Sunshine Daydream
  • Ghost Breath
  • Super Snapple Haze
  • Agent Orange
  • Cloud Cover
  • Cinderella
  • Purple Punch
  • Dawgy Treats
  • ... among others...

I rotate among them, all day, every day, and therefore get around to each of them within a week or so. I do have favorites, those that seem to work better for me, and I love the effects I get.

I have several types of CBD oils and creams, to rub on sore muscles and aching joints. They give me great relief.

Enjoy some Pot today!  (And think about the ancient biosymbiosis of human neurophysiology and  tetrahydrocannabinol).

I Salute The Peace Within You!

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