Hide And Seek

Is Human Existence nothing more than a Cosmic Game we are playing with Universe?

If we are indeed “God”, or contain the “Spark of the Infinite”, or “Made In His Image”, what’s stopping us from “Knowing” that fact, intimately, deeply?  Knowing, at every moment of our existence, (instead of going about, mostly unconsciously, experiencing life as a sequence of poorly understood, "things that happen TO me"), that We Are Infinite and Ancient?

Seemingly, nothing stops us, except that we “choose” to immerse ourselves in the infinite changes of this shared reality. We do so because life is fun, going through all those changes, emotions, wondering, sharing. We seem to be playing hide-and-seek with our Infinite Selves. We pretend human existence is all there is to life, when our minds are actually built to wander Infinity.

There is no quicker way to Self-Realization, or Enlightenment, then through Love. When we Know that we all have the same Infinite Spark within us, we have a tool we may employ at any time. It’s called the Golden Rule, and it means to Love All Others as if they are Yourself, (because we are!).

To rise above this Game, accept every situation as the result of our choices. Know that your current situation in this ongoing Game can be understood, accepted, side-stepped, utilized, and ultimately modified to whatever you choose. But you didn't lose the Game, it's impossible to lose. Accept yourself. Love yourself.

Understand where you want your consciousness to be. What values will you model for others? Become the change you want. Do you enjoy the game of hide-and-seek with God, or would you like to BE that God?

Enlightenment begins at home. Enjoy the Game! The Game is enjoying you. There are no wrong moves. You can’t make an error so heinous that you “Lose” the Game. Everything that happens to you in life is exactly the right move, (although it may not be apparent, or feel like it, at the time), at exactly the right time!

Love is the One tool we have in this Game of Life which works every time; we all need Love, we all know how to Love. Love is a shortcut to understanding this Game of Hide and Seek, Reality.  Become the Player, not merely a game-piece. Love and help your Game Partners, your Brothers and Sisters, (“I am He, as You are Me and We are All together!").

As we share Love, by being an example of Love, as we share Peace and Love in our Hearts and Minds, we expand the Consciousness of the Universe. (Now there’s a Game I can get behind!)

(Now, count to 10, while I hide... Again...)