Deja Mort

Many people throughout history have experienced the feeling of “déjà vu”, meaning, “already seen”. It’s that feeling that what is currently happening at that moment in your reality is simultaneously experienced as a memory, as if the exact same thing had happened to you before.  As Wikipedia puts it, “the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before”.

There is a similar term, (although less well known), of “déjà lu”, meaning “already read”. I’ve had this feeling when reading a book I’d never read before. Perhaps other iterations would be “déjà su”, or “already knew”, or “déjà entendu”, meaning “already heard”.

Déjà Mort” is a term I am coining, to explain something that has happened repeatedly in my life; the feeling, (when circumstances were such that I seemed to be extremely close to death), that not only that I’ve been that close to death multiple times already, but that I did not survive in some sense, in some reality. The feeling that I've already died before!

I mean to say that it “seems” as if there were times in my life that I couldn’t possibly have escaped death, but in most of those incidents, I was not seriously injured. Miraculous, yet here I am, 70 years old!

If the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) Theory of Reality is true, what I was experiencing may have been, the very splitting of Universe into 2 versions, one in which, in fact, I did die, and in that particular line of human reality went on without me. But that also, in this, the particular slice of reality where I did not die, is the reality in which my consciousness currently resides. I, (or my consciousness), "survived", in this Universe!

I lean toward the theory that both happened in those extreme moments. In my case, I’ve experienced deja mort during industrial accidents, traffic problems at high speed, even physical ailments which could have claimed my life. There is no proof, only a theory, so as usual, I strive to understand Universe by what occurs outside my eyeballs, AND what happens inside my body and head. I’ve had this feeling at least a half dozen times earlier in my life, although it’s been many years since last feeling deja mort.

If true, it also implies how powerful the Rules of Universe are!

If Universe splits in 2 (or more?) at any given choice, and my consciousness goes on in one, then if I want one future over another, I may simply walk into my chosen Universe by making “correct” decisions, step by step, thus establishing pathways toward my personal Dobetopia.

Are you with me?

Watch your steps!