My Story…

I’m sure everyone must feel their life is a “Long Strange Trip”, but looking back over the decades, I’m truly amazed at the events in my life, at the friends I have known, the memories I retain.

Have I found Enlightenment? Would I know it if I experienced it? Would you believe me if I claimed it? Does it matter?

I hope you will take the words on this site with full tongue-in-cheek, or not at all. Humor IS my religion. I wonder, what would Jesus laugh at? The Dali Lama reportedly has a great sense of humor. I hope you might join in, and meet me at the Hot Dog Stand, where we’ll ask the vendor… “Make Me One With Everything!(Can’t hurt to ask!)

I also have lots of Pagan friends. (They worship the ground I walk on!)

If you really need to contact me, here’s my email address.